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A Pocketful of Dublin is an online interactive documentary which aims to capture a sense of the area and community around Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and the Iveagh Trust’s Bull Alley Estate. This tiny geographical location has a rich and diverse history. Through the words of the current tenants, regular visitors, businesses, previous residents and even the pets, we delve into various aspects of the community past and present.

The resulting “tadbits” of information were organised into four headings; Living Here, Living Past, Relaxing Here and Working Here but we ask that you explore this site as you might do naturally walking around the area, in your own time and in a way that appeals to you most. We have captured audio, taken photographs, filmed video and sourced archived material which when layered together, we hope allows for an immersive experience for the user. The direction of the project naturally evolved overtime from the connections we made and through the willing participation of those we approached.

Scroll down and visit one of the four sections to hear the stories about this very special place and its people.

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A Pocketful of Dublin - A naturally forming non-linear narrative.

The Iveagh Trust had been very helpful in allowing us to film in Nellie’s flat where Liam Finegan, the estate manager, showed us around. He recommended that we approach locals and we thought one of the best ways to do this was to contact the local businesses.
We approached a shop called The Jam Art Factory for a short interview about their experience operating in the community and their daily interactions with the people. Afterwards Mark Haybern connected us to his cousin Maria O’Neill who kindly invited us into her home in the flats for an interview.
It transpired Maria’s father, Tommy, was Liam’s predecessor and she had inherited a hand-made model of the Iveagh Hostel from him. However she didn’t know who had originally made it. She recommended as another contact that we approach Alice Leahy’s Trust because of the wonderful work that they do and pointed us in that direction.
While interviewing in Alice’s office we noticed the same model on her filing cabinet so we enquired about its history. Alice told us that the man who made it was a friend of Trust and worked in the hostel. Shortly there afterward Alice asked him to join us and describe the process of making the model and explain the significance behind it. These organically formed connections and discoveries formed the basis for this interactive documentary.

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Our team is made up of five professionals who all take responsibility for their own areas of expertise while also contributing to all aspects of the production process.

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Special thanks also to the following, who offered help and support at different stages of the working process: Gene Clayton, Chloe O’Reilly, Liam Finegan, Margaret Martin and the staff of the Iveagh Trust, Louis Parminter, Andrew Smith and the staff of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Sarah Poutch of the Guinness Archives, Jason McElligott, Maria O’Shea and the staff of Marsh’s Library, Mary Rose O’Connor, Pat McGarry, Anthony and the staff of Liberties College, Tony Douglas and the Dublin City Council park keepers, Glenn Dunne, Bernie from the National Library of Ireland, Tommy O’Neill and the staff of the Lord Edward pub and restaurant.

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Certain archival images in the Living Past and Relaxing Here sections are courtesy of the National Library of Ireland:
2515WL, 304WL, 759WL, 759WL, 1960s Patrick’s Park Photo1, Photo2, Image Lawrence Collection Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Also especially to the people of the area who opened their doors to us throughout this project. From the delicious matcha milkshake pick-me-ups in the Bite of Life cafe to the warm welcome from the traders on Meath Street who spread the word for us.