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The small businesses in this area are very much part of the community and enjoy a steady passing trade from locals and tourists alike. The people who work here, from the one hundred year old establishments to the relative newcomers, all share their enthusiasm for this most unique part of Dublin and its people.

“At Patrick’s Street corner for sixty four years
I’ve stood and no one could deny
That while I stood there, nobody could dare,
to say black was the white of me eye”
"Biddy Mulligan" – Traditional Irish Ballad

In times gone by this area enjoyed a vibrant outdoor trading scene. The place bustled with life as people sold their wares both out on the street and down by the cathedral. In an attempt to improve the area Lord Iveagh funded the development of the the Iveagh Market building on Francis Street, an altruistic gesture which also served the means of removing the “riff-raff” from the front of the cathedral.

Opened in 1906, the Iveagh Market was a purpose-built indoor space where traders could sell their fish, vegetables, and clothes.

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The Jam
Art Factory

Adonis Flower Designers

Dental Laboratory

Antique Dealers

Burdock's Fish & Chips

"…and every night the Lord Edwards sent in three pints of Guinness to the lads in Burdock's chippers on a silver tray.”

Declan Forde

The Lord Edward

Located directly across from Christchurch Cathedral, the Lord Edward is an ornate traditional pub which has a downstairs and an upstairs bar, as well as the oldest fish restaurant in Dublin on its second floor.

It is named after Lord Edward Fitzgerald, 5th son of the Duke of Leinster, an aristocrat and revolutionary who played a key role in the 1798 rebellion and later died of his war wounds at the age of thirty five. Lord Edward is buried in Saint Werburgh’s Church which is just across the road from the pub.

The building is over one hundred years old and was bought in 1989 by David Lister. It has been run by himself and his family ever since.